Marketplace Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the "Gateway to RWAs"

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you onboard and make the most of your experience on the Polytrade Marketplace.

About Polytrade

In a world where real-world assets operate in silos, Polytrade stands as the aggregator that brings them all together. We recognize the need for investors to access tokenized Real-World Assets (RWA) effortlessly and to build a thriving secondary market.

Polytrade is the global gateway to tokenized RWAs. Backed by & partnered with industry giants Mastercard, Polygon, Alpha Wave, and Matrix Partners, Polytrade’s marketplace brings together tokenized t-bills, credit, stocks, real estate, commodities as well as collectibles, art, IP, creator royalties, luxury goods from all chains to a single platform. Using its own RWA-focused ERC-6960 technology, Polytrade enables users to discover, trade, fractionalize, cross-chain bridge, leverage, trade and simply do more with RWAs.

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